Single Family
Custom Models

The Aspen

The 1526 Avant Hip

The 1566 Avant Gable

The 1566 Avant Hip

The Avant

The 1685 Hamilton

The Vista

The Fairview

The Willow

The Champion

The 1930

The 1954

The 2226

The 2266

The Claremont

The Oakland

The 2535

The Mulberry

The Belmont

The Elway

The Kensington

The McKinley

The Windsor

The Birch

The Hickory

The Juniper


The Alder

The 1351 Duplex 3 Car

The Cypress

The Rowan

The Magnolia

The 2 Story Duplex

The 1750 Triplex

The 1832 Duplex

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